Senior Windows Kernel developer


  • real hands on experience at the Kernel level;
  • good knowledge of C/C ++;
  • knowledge of x86/x64 assembler;
  • good knowledge of the internal structure and architecture of Windows OS (WinAPI);
  • knowledge of synchronization mechanisms and the functioning of the scheduler (context switching and IRQ levels);
  • experience with sockets, ports, interaction with file systems;
  • understanding of security mechanisms and auditing of Windows OS;
  • the experience of debugging drivers and analyzing memory dumps;
  • Intermediate level of English is a minimum.

Beneficial skills

  • understanding of system calls (SSDT, protected/real CPU modes, I/O control, IRP);
  • practical experience with git.

We Offer

  • сompetitive salary, tied to dollar exchange rate;
  • possibility of visiting profile conferences, courses, trainings, seminars at the company expenses;
  • our own library, updated regularly;
  • work in distributed international teams, possibility of abroad business trips;
  • work schedule without adjustment for the customer's time zone (other options are possible by agreement);
  • 100 % English courses reimbursement;
  • 50 % sports subscriptions reimbursement;
  • 100 % reimbursement for sick leave;
  • material assistance to significant events (wedding, birth of children, etc.);
  • location in 8 minutes by foot from the subway station, comfortable conditions (separate rooms for teams, not open space/several recreation areas with darts, air hockey, ellipsoid/full kitchen with stove, coffee machine, toaster, microwave/shower);
  • adequate management, lack of bureaucracy, friendly staff;
  • cheerful corporate events (usually two days) within and outside of the Republic of Belarus, Pizza Days and pleasant gifts;
  • small pleasures in the form of tea-coffee-baking-fruit-vegetable-milk;
  • other benefits that the Labor Code of the Republic of Belarus promises.

Application Form

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